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shauna's living roomWoo-who, its hump day! This may only apply to people in some sort of an artistic industry, but I’m wondering if I’m alone…I can’t even begin to say how many projects I have not document with photos properly? What is that all about? You would think that a portfolio would be a priority. I mean after all, I have a flipping camera with me almost all the time and a blog. Grrrr, I drive me crazy!

Any-who, this is a little glimpse into one of my projects showing just a few minor changes “because I’m ridiculous and don’t take pics.” I’m showing you the project prior to completion, because the client “who I adore” has found a new house. So, I’m stopping working on this beach craftsman and re-directing my focus to casual California Casa.
bigger is betterIn a large connecting space like this one, bigger is better. Small, décor or objects will quickly clutter a space and not support the space with the volume it needs. In this room the its all about bringing the outside in, so earthy natural elements such a linen, orchids, baskets and textures will help us accomplish our now halted goals. Finding this awesome coffee table is a much better fit and the modern lines of the table with the glass and metal. When you have wood floors, wood ceiling and wood trim around every door and window…its time for something that’s not wood. orchidsI ordered a dramatic orchid arrangement, because it brings in the organic outside. The table scape is not done, because I ordered a beautiful large abalone inlay tray…its not here yet and I’m on a search for large-scale coffee table books that reflect the things her family loves. IMG_3000shauna 3 IMG_3015Smooches xoxoxoxo, Julie

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