Styling rooms as easy as 1.2.3

Styling easy as 123How to style your home and bring your rooms together 2How to bring your rooms together with style 1styling rooms that flow togetherStyle is never someone copied it should always be yours. There may be elements of a room’s style that you respond to. Maybe you cant’ define what it is you like about it, but there is a feel to the room that makes you want to be in the space. Study the room. Look at every detail and ask yourself…what is it in this space that I love? Make a mental list of the things you love and stick to it.

When you start to recognize the details of a space that help you embrace your style, you will start to define your own style and build a road map for where you want your style to go. You can easily duplicate a room’s arrangement, but duplicating another persons style can turn out to feel empty, because it doesn’t end up reflecting you.

Take the time to know what you like, what colors and finishes you want to show up in every room and stick to the basics.

1. Pick three colors to carry through the house, big or small and place them in triangle patterns throughout every room to connect the space.
2. Put all three of those colors or finishes in every room.
3. Keep it true to your style vision!

Sources:  From some of my favs, Pinterest, The Hunted Interiors xoxo, The Every Girl, The Glitter Guide, Style me Pretty, Ashley Ella Design.

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