Styling with dishes

styling with dishesHey Loves, Happy Tuesday. Or should I say; yippee, it’s taco Tuesday! Yep, I’m so predictable and such a creature of my own habits. To me, if it’s Tuesday…it’s tacos.

Any-who, back to today’s post. Have you ever taken a really good look and the gorgeousness that lies within the cabinets, hutches or shelves of either your own cabinets or your Grandmothers? Did you see amazing serving pieces and dishes? Or, did you see the potential for those pieces to become apart of your home styling?

Let’s think outside of the box. What if we took pictures of our cool stuff and blew it up to be huge wall art? How cool does that sound? For example, imagine, the serving spoons below as a huge picture? What if you take your Grandmothers tea set and take individual pictures of each item, frame them in different sized frames to create a dining room wall collage? Consider taking a sweet cup and saucer and placing it in an acrylic box to create a room accessory or bookcase detail? The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.

These are just a few of the ideas I have, but I would absolutely, love-love to know what ideas you come up with? Do-tell…and I’m craving those tacos now, so smooches and xoxo.

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IMG_4613xoxo, Julie


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