Styling with garden stools

c8bbce381536d5dbd8227ca2041e1670Hello Loves…It can’t just be me seeing garden stools in every shape and color making appearances everywhere? I’m really glade they have become so popular again, because they add a pop of color and shine, no matter where or how you use them. Most people don’t even use them as stools, but that is what they were created for. The height and shape were designed to replicate sitting on a log or tree stump in a garden. They have a long history dating back over 1000 years ago from China. Apartment Therapy did a cool right up on them here.

Any-who, I personally find them to be a multi functional go to piece in adding an element of décor, color and functional seating in any room. If you think you might like to add a garden stool to your décor; I say go for it! I have included a few sources below…just in case you have the nesting bug like me. Smooches xoxo
garden stools 1garden twoSources: Pinterest…follow me please?   Plumsiena, Myluciouslife, I suwannee, Decor pad, Better Homes and Gardens, Apartment Theraphy, Keep.

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