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sun dried tomato pesto toast

sun dried pesto toastSuper Bowl weekend, here we come! Go Seahawks…Go Patriots! I actually have an all season favorite, but it’s been hard to look at Brady “ridiculous handsome” and know that in the end…I don’t really vote for him to win.

It’s just like business; the better your communication and team inspired forward motion, the better the results. All for one and one for all still stands true. Seahawks have demonstrated connected communication throughout the season. They don’t have to speak or even signal each other, they read each!

Any-who enough of me babbling my super bowl stuff. Let’s talk super bowl snacks that aren’t all about chips and salsa. And while we’re at it, let’s talk super easy.

Sour dough bread

sun dried tomato toastIt goes like this:

Stop by your local specialty store, for me its Seaside Market in Cardiff by the Sea. Pick up a fresh baguette, fresh made sun dried tomato pesto, fresh basil pesto, fresh basil, a couple of olives, goat cheese and oh-yes, and some tequila.

Slice the bread and toast stove top on a grill with a little seasoned olive oil. Mix a spoon full of basil pesto with some goat cheese and equal part cream cheese. Spread the sun dried tomato pesto “btw…the Bomb” on the toasted bread, then add the goat cheese mixture, some chopped basil and the olives.

Seriously…no questions…YUM! Oh-ya and go Seahawks, smooches xoxo

sun dried tomato toast. Perfect super bowl food.

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