susie, liegh ann and julie, the cheese board in reno nevada

Continued from Yesterday we are discovering cool little places to go in Reno Nevada.   Leigh Ann and I spent the first part of this day talking, while Susie was off to her morning treatment.   Lunch time we all got together and found this little adorable place, The Cheese Board.  They were so accommodating and the food was absolutely delicious.  Not to mention a sweet little wine list with many of our favorites, including “Rombauer“.  We made sure to get a couple of bottles for the night ahead.  Bon Appetit…  xoxo

{Trois amis, me “Julie”, Susie and Leigh Ann.  Girl power and  good friends mean everything!}

{a glass of Rombauer and crayons, a perfect pairing}

{My lunch, the most delicious grilled cheese with lintel soup.}

{Susie and Leigh Ann split the roast beef and both had the red pepper soup.  Excellent food and menu on premise and  catering. }

{Reno Nevada, The Cheese Board}

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