sweet potatoes adobo is on the menu

adobo sweet potatoesHello and Happy Monday! I just had to search my own site again to see if I ever shared this recipe with you or not. Geez, I’m getting old and starting to forget things. Seriously, I catch myself all the time walking into a room for something and when I get there…I’m like, why am I here?

Okay enough about me…let’s talk about Thanksgiving is coming and you need to start thinking about side dishes. You may be planning on going to another families members home for Thanksgiving, but even then you can’t go empty handed. These sweet spicy tangy potatoes are the bomb dizzle! The lime, the goat cheese and the adobo chili really add an unexpected kick of flavor. These are Mimi’s all-time all-time favorite! Hang on to this recipe…it’s a keeper. Enjoy and smooches xoxo
leek and sweet potatoesleekschopped sweet potatoes and yamsricerAdobo sweet potatoesAdobo sweet potatoesadobo sweet potatoesxoxo, Julie

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  1. Hi Julie, how fun your last post “precious moments”! I also love the picture with your dog watching the sunset! So cute 😉

    Thank you for the sweet potato recipe it looks delicious. Have a wonderful day,
    Best regards Sherri

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