the bachelor 2013, who will win?

strawberriesNo I have not lost my mind. You see gorgeous strawberries, yet I’m carrying on about The Bachelor. What the heck? First off…I’m a Bachelor die-hard. I never miss an episode or season. Keep in mind, there is no other show that I watch with such commitment.  So, this is the only show I’m a freak about.

Sean (The Bachelor) seams to be a really genuine guy. He is not my type, “not because I’m too old and that would be gross”, but, because I appreciate him and really have loved his bold elimination style.  We are down to two Catherine and Lindsay and I can’t wait to hang out with the “fam” and watch all three hours. Yippee!

BTW, strawberries are hitting the local stands, one my favorite things on earth! Future posts to follow. Who will win…who will win?  I’m soooo excited!!! xoxo

Williamson Producecalifornia strawberriesburlap and crystal, juliecalifornia stawberriesThese gorgeous gifts from the earth are from Williamson Produce stand off the Manchester exit, San Diego California. Williamson Produce  also has another great location in Oceanside.  They taste even better then they look…xoxo, Julie

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