tuesdays table centerpiece for mimi

We celebrated Mimi’s birthday on the 8th.   This is the night we had fish taco’s for a large crowd.    I found my theme inspiration from the adorable beach bag.   Then I made a trip to the flower market and as usual picked Gerber Daisey’s.  I really enjoy the process of putting the arrangement together the night before the event,  “kind of a wine therapy session”.   I used a large vase inside of the bag to keep the flowers steady and moist.  I then added a little burlap runner, 14 place settings and willingness to make Mimi’s day special.  I love to find little ideas that spark inspiration.   Do you have any to share with me?  I promise to post about your idea and of course in the most flattering way!  Come one, don’t be shy.  Share with me?  xoxo

{My trusted flower market bucket}

{Clippings all over my Island; disaster!}

{The centerpiece for Mimi}

{The actual night of Mimi’s Birthday.  Jenna took her to One Direction concert}

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