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table settingHmm, this is how it all starts. The creative juices, or should I say the occasional lack there of. I may even be talking to my self out load when all the hmm starts. I’m not entirely sure, because once I’m in my own head; it’s kind of like…la-la-la-la…la. What to do to make Myles Birthday celebration festive, but not cutesy? I know I can’t overwhelm the table with theme, because we have to fit 12 people keep room for the fillets, mash potatoes, salad, asparagus and yes cake (Myles ordered up the menu).

So, here is what all the “hmm” came up with. Simple Stupid. Yep…keep it simple and that’s not stupid.  Well? How’s it work for you?  xoxo.table settingtable settingtable settingtable settingmyles bday 19xoxo, Julie

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