turquoise again and loving it…

My daughter Lauryn (The Skinny Confidential and Erica Fashion Lushxx ) have totally revived a favorite love of mine, the color turquoise combined with the intrigue-mystery of American Indian Culture.  I am a descendent of the Southern Paiute Indians and have just enough native in me to get a really great tan with wrinkles… And just enough wild freedom in me to adore the turquoise stones pure beauty…in the home…on my wrist and anywhere!  


I have so much authentic turquoise jewelry handed down from the generations that “I am totally set for the revival with awesome…stuff.”  Bring on the turquoise inspirations…I’m ready.  xoxoterquoise ocean a57e82a79e19617a185bb85a94aee01dTurquoise in my back yard…I’m just saying…I’m inspired.Turquoise-bedroom-adore-magazine

Turquoise inspired room via Fabhousewife.com via Adorehome.com. turquoise-blue-tufted-dining-chairs-with-glass-table-color-of-the-month-tantalizing-turquoise-home-design-and-decorating-ideas-trends-and-inspiration

Turquoise living space via (updateddallas.com).  Loving it….child of wild img_1562_largeVery similar to my  original and can be found at  (Child of Wild), amazing stuff!

Keep making every day an event…xoxoxoxo, Julie

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