typical tuesday and the end of summer

Typical Tuesday is when life gets back to a normal schedule and Mimi is back in school.   The alarm clock rings at 6:00am.  I jump up, start coffee, a load of wash, empty the dishwasher, make the bed, check e-mails, throw on workout cloths, a little blush, make Myles and Mimi breakfast and out the door at 7:00am.  Today Mimi wanted to meet up with Devin and Shelby at the Coffee Bean, my first stop.   At 7:15am they all load up in my car and we head to the high school drop off area.  They’re all three so adorable as they head off to experience their sophomore year.  I’m excited for them!

I still have a full day ahead, so I race off to meet Brad at 7:30am for 30 hard minutes on the tennis court.  By 8:15am, I’m back home, I jump in the shower, go check e-mails, throw on makeup, a suit or dress, high heals and out the door again.  By 9:00am I’m in the office.  I work pretty much straight through until 2:20pm when I break for a late lunch and head off to get Mimi.  By 3:00pm I’m back at my home office where I will finish my workday.  At 5:00pm, I work on finishing the details for Today’s post.  Mimi has Soccer at 5:30pm, so I will break from the post, freshen up and head out to deliver Mimi.  Tonight Brad and I have one of my clients to meet at 6:00pm.  The timing is perfect.  We can swing by and get Mimi at 7:30pm on our way home.  We are all back home by 7:45pm.  Mimi and Myles will be hungry, so I will be making them  dinner, then start another load of laundry.   The 8:00pm hour is upon us and I need to work on tomorrows post, downloading pictures, editing and sharing today’s post to my social media spots.  I do great at getting all that done; as long as I don’t get lost in Pinterest “my addiction”.   I’m getting a little tired by 9:30pm and still need to plan my work day for tomorrow and spend some time with my family.Awe, I love life!  I know this is TMI, but I thought you might enjoy a breakdown on a typical day in my  life.   I’m making everyday an event…  xoxo

xoxo, Julie

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