Valentines for a friend

valentines for a friendvalentines flowers 1Hey Loves, it’s not too late to remember the amazing women-girlfriends in your life for Valentines Day. If you’re anything like me…you hove a small special group of friends that you trust, rely on. Those friends that give you that occasional push, shove or kick in the ass when you need it most. Oh, and what about those times when you can’t lift your head because your spirit feels broken and your friends know just what to say to help you remember how flipping fantastic you really are. Yep, I’m talking about those friends.

How fun to have a little surprise for them. I just grabbed these flowers from Trader Joes then headed to Homegoods to get water pitchers (not vases), because a vase is just a vase and a water pitcher is actually useful. Any-who, clean-snip and tie a bow on it. Go for it! Smooches xoxo
Tulips from Burlap and CrystalPitchers as vacesvalentines flowers tulips{Clean the tulips in cold water to remove as much dirt as possible. Peel off all the damaged leaves and rinse again. To get the tulips the perfect height for the pitcher, bring the pitcher to the edge of a counter, hold the tulip against the pitcher where you want to see them and snip off the end at the base of the pitcher.}Roses{For the roses, clean off all the extra leaves and any bruised petals. Gather the roses one by one and work them into a circle. Once you have them arranged in a pattern, secure them by tying a small ribbon or string around them. To add the under water ribbon, wrap the ribbon around the stems and tie off again. To make the ribbon have pattern, add a long strip of ribbon starting from the bottom up. Wrap the ribbon around the stems and tie off. Repeat this pattern until you get to the roses and then tie the ribbon into a bow.}Tulipsxoxo, Julie

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