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valentines gift tagI have a couple of friends who anticipate my kitchen sink cookies on just about any festive occasion.  Valentines day is absolutely a festive reason to send a little sweet box of love. I baked up a batch of the scrumptious wonders, boxed them and created my own little gift tag. I wanted them to look like a Valentine we might have made when we were in grade school.  I think I pulled it off?paper holesTo prepare, I sat on the sofa watching the bachelor and punched holes. I use a three hole punch and stack several sheets of paper.

valenties gift tagI think balloons are kind of romantic and sweet. I obviously drew this free hand.  You don’t have to worry about making a mistake, because the glue, glitter and holes should cover up an imperfection. Use a small paint brush to apply glue in the balloon.

valentines gift tagPress the holes and glitter into the glue area. Next,knock off the excess holes and glitter.

valentines gift tagTie a small bow with ribbon and glue that to the base of the balloon. I used hot glue for the ribbon. Draw a whimsical outline around the balloon.  It shouldn’t look perfect.  This is like the Valentines you made when you were a kid. Part of the charm is that it looks handmade. Eat a cookie and package the rest. Okay, wait; eat two cookies… Finish the package with pretty ribbon and attach the card.

kitchen sink cookiesvalentines gift tag

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