waffle sandwich is on the menu

waffle sandwichPesto chicken and heirloom waffle sandwichWhat a dork, right? Who makes a waffle sandwich? Well, apparently I do. This is another one of those posts that serves as the replacement for the recipe that flopped. That was beer battered fish tacos, that actually tasted delish, but they were ugly…as in not attractive at all. Back up plan, hmmmm what do I have in the house? Yep, I have waffle batter, pesto, defrosted chicken, heirloom tomatoes, mozzarella, red onion, avocado and red leaf lettuce. Ta-da, waffle sandwich with all that good stuff I just said. It was off the charts fantastic and I think it’s so pretty that it would make a perfect late afternoon Al Fresco meal. The recipe is below, enjoy and make ever day an event, smooches. xoxopesto chickenheirloom waffle sandwichwaffle sandwichheirloom waffle sandwichheirloom waffle sandwich

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