wednesday winter cupcakes

{little winter cupcakes}

I’m not about to let this winter go, just because California has ridiculously comfortable weather.  I crave snow flakes, big blankets, boots with fur, scarves, roaring fireplaces and did I mention I would like  just a little cold weather to get my cozy on.  I know, I sound like a spoiled Californian.  We always want what we don’t have.  I’m a girl with lots of blankets.  These little gluten free cupcakes from 2 Good 2b in Encinitas are so yummy and extra special when they resemble winter and help to promote my winter mood…  xoxo{gluten free cupcakes}

{red velvet gluten free cupcake}

{carrot cake gluten free cupcake}

xoxo, Julie







    1. Erica, they are actually really good. Mimi and I ate them after the shoot. They are right by the Swirls in Encinitas, Bev-mo shopping center. Please go see them. They are new and I would love to seem them succeed. xoxo

  1. Hi Julie,

    Cute blog! We LOVE your photos here and were wondering if we may borrow the top one for use on our website ( for a couple of weeks while we announce our holiday social (at which we will have cocktails and cupcakes!)…?

    We did not want to infringe on your copyrights so we thought we’d ask first! We can even insert a note on where we found the photo (your site!), if you’d like. Please let me know if this would be alright.

    Either way, best wishes!

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