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rancho santa fe{Brad and I stopped in to grab dinner at the Rancho Santa Fe farmers market and parked under these trees. Pretty…right?}

Okay, I told you I would update you on my progress with the 10lbs in 30days, so here it is. It’s much harder than I anticipated. I have never dieted before, so the amount of self-discipline required to maintain or even participate in the program is kind of crazy challenging. Challenging in a super, awesome and great way. Sara has the program down and really keeps me on track. As if her encouragement and directions wasn’t enough there is an entire group of us going through this together; it’s like a little support group via a private facebook page where each of can give updates, ask questions or confess. Yes…I said confess…and yep, I had a confection or two…just saying.

Anyways, the first part of last week was really all about changing bad habits, detoxing our diets and getting mentally fit to adapt a new healthier lifestyle. For the most part I did well with the food part. I juiced each day and stuck to veggies with a little protein. I was dreading giving up my margaritas, but discovered that wasn’t a big deal at all. It was giving up cheese, bread and butter that is so hard for me. I love cheese!

I slacked off on the exercise, because I’m a total hot weather puss. I hate heat and it has been miserable and humid. But, not today; I got up at 6:00AM, walked and ran 3 miles, then played tennis with Brad. In Sara’s words woot-woot! I’m down 3.6lbs; only 6.4lbs to go. Yippee! Smoches
green drink{Green juice every day. If I don’t make it, I get one at Swamies or Whole Foods}swamies{Trust me…three sets of these stairs is an ass kicking}

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