weekend where to go, bentley’s steak house

Bentley’s Steak House is just around our corner and a frequent landing spot for Brad and I.  The food is always consistent and delicious.  In fact, it’s really very good!  They have a great Happy Hour, as long as you are not one minute late and wonderful specials throughout the week to accommodate all.   They put together amazing events and have a beautiful venue for large or small.  As you know, Brad and I don’t do dining room’s unless we are in our own home.  So, the service in the bar is prompt and spot on accurate, including the extra ranch I always ask for.  The warm fuzzy vibe from the staff, not so much.  Brad and I are over the top friendly and engaging, so our hospitality expectations may be a bit unreasonable.    The foods is what get’s us back.   Put Bentley’s on your to do list.

{Note the TV with Rafael Nadal.  Yes we were dining with a purpose}

xoxo, Julie

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