weekend where to go, ignite bistro in la costa

My friend, Mad Leigh Ann told Brad and I we had to try Ignite Bistro in La Costa.  We have our spots we like to go and places on our hit list.  This was not one of them.  I think we were stuck in our own way.  We were familiar with the previous restaurant that tainted our interest.

  I’m honestly a bit speechless.  I’m embarrassed that I didn’t know how completely good they are.   Next time Mad Leigh Ann gives me a where to go tip.  I’m pulling my E. F. Hutton.  Everything was fantastic!  The show stopper for us was the wood fired pizza “we never order pizza”.  They make it in front of you with the freshest  ingredients, including melt in your mouth homemade cheese.   Yes, I said homemade cheese.  From this point forward, there is no other cheese on Earth that will ever compare.   I’m smitten and going back tonight to try more…  xoxo

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