what i like about you

closet 8067010e953402f1fcd3ca282576073bI’m completely obsessed with décor; décor magazines and all things interior or design for that matter. I dog-ear the corners of all the pages I like, or adore or when I just see something that inspires me. I hold onto the magazines as long as possible until the day comes when I have a storage issue and must pull the dog-eared pages out and toss the reaming advertisements (witch is a good one half of every mag) away.  Don’t’ get me wrong…the adds can be great too. “Just say-in.”

Above and below are little design elements that inspired me to post some of the things I like about you; meaning a room, space, house, closet etc. “I know this dates me, but in my head I’m singing the song by the Romantics.”   xoxo

large wil living room a28bc19d4e0f14cfbc7517cee02829b2All images via Pinterestxoxo, Julie

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