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Hello Luvies! Is this not every girls dream?  Seriously, send me up a ladder  looking just like Charlotte Johansson surrounded by crystal champagne glasses and have me fetch one more magnum of champagne.  Or perhaps my exhaustion is from trying to figure out where I put that thing in my  abundantly stocked closet. Not a very accurate depiction of my life, but a girl can dream. Right? What inspires you?  Tell me?

Here’s the part where I need your help. I’m getting ready to do some changes to the site and I would really like to know what you would like to see?  I’m hungry for change.  Kind of like the need to rearranging the furniture.  I’m board and crave simplicity. What do you want more of? What are the most interesting or helpful posts? I’m changing the colors. Do you like melon pink or periwinkle? Your opinion matters to me, please participate in the change?  xoxo xoxo, Julie

All pictures via Pinterest

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    1. Barb, thanks so much for the encouragement and I’m thrilled you like my blog. The upcoming changes are exciting for me. I hope that everyone else hangs in there and loves the soon to be unveil new look. xoxo

  1. Oh love either of those colors! Sorry for the delay, but I look forward to anything you do and/or revamp. Love your crafty ideas! Any more of those would be greatly appreciated, and you’re so gorg I’d love beauty products/tips. I just turned thirty and am getting super focused on taking care of myself. 🙂

    1. Taylor, thank you for the response and you have inspired me to do more on health and age prevention. LOL, if that’s even possible. P.S., Thank you for the gorg! It made me feel great!

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