where to go, claire’s on cedros

Claire’s on Cedros in Solana Beach is becoming one of my favorite places go for great, healthy food  in a completely charming environment.   This beautiful Sunday morning, Mimi and I went with her two friends, Shelby and Devin.  The girls are a blast to go with.   They chatter constantly, but never look up from their i phones.   This works great for me.   I can just sit there taking “annoying” pictures and laugh silently along with the chatter.   I’m careful to never get caught cracking up, or they will give me that, are you okay look?  Or worse yet, I do crack up and they tell me it wasn’t that funny.

Each time I go, I like to try something new.   This visit I ordered the asparagus omelet with delicious homemade herb cheese.  I had hoped to take some home for Brad, but I cleaned my plate.  Mimi always orders her love, the award winning Clairecakes “The Best” !   Devin had the strawberry topped Clairecakes and Shelby had an omelet.  None of us made it out of there with a to go box.   Claire’s will only bring you great joy when you go.  I promise! xoxo                          {a place for everything, even your bike}

{Claire’s on Cedros, adorable patio}

{Claire’s perfect cup of hot coco}

{Claire’s asparagus omelet}

{Clairecakes with strawberries}

{I couldn’t resist sharing, Devin’s cute nails}

{Claire’s on Cedros, back patio}

{Claire’s fresh herbs are planted around the garden}

{Claire’s irresistible dessert case}

{Claire’s gluten free}

{Charming details}

{Mediterranean trio, from lunch with Nancy}

{Goat cheese and pear bruschetta}

{Claire’s has charm everywhere you look}

{Bird basket light fixture}

{Homemade jam, I never leave without one to take home}

{246 North Cedros, Solana Beach, California 92074}

{Claire’s has a place for everyone, even the dog}

{Claire’s on Cedros, Breakfast all day and lunch until 3:00}

Dinner and Catering available, call for details 858-259-8597 or visit their web site Claire’s on Cedros

xoxo, Julie


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