where to go for broncos

If you’re a Broncos fan and live in San Diego, there is no better place to be game day then Chiefs Burgers in Solana Beach.   This is not my usual kind of post, but I have to tell you as much as I love the San Diego Charges, I have always been a fan of Denver Broncos and now with #15 Tebow,  I can hardly contain my enthusiasm.  I just love him and the team! I’m a little hopeful he will marry one of my daughters.  A Mom can dream, can’t she?  We had such a blast watching last weekends great game and the amazing one minute OT win.  As you can see from the crowd below, there was a lot of exciting love in the room.   The fans are Awesome and so is the food!  Fun was had by all…   xoxo               {Chiefs Burgers, Solana Beach California}

{A Tebow moment}

{going into OT}

{One and Won}

{Howie in the room}

{and that’s what I’m talking about!}

{the second the OT win happened}

{Elway in the room too and clearly excited}

{He’s cute,  and I’m taking him home}

{dented ego, I love you}

{you can’t see how much air is underfoot, but it’s a lot}

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