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Lockwood table is a total charmer!  This little hide away is a treasure in Solana Beach California, just off Cedros “address in last photo.  Hubby Brad has an office just around the corner for our social network website “dentedego.com“.   After a meeting , we strolled the streets for a recap and something to eat.  We made our way to Lockwood Table and were blown away by the sweet surprise.  Such a special place, with hydroponic planters out front bursting with an amazing assortment of fresh lettuce, cute outdoor furnishings and burlap booths on the interior.   We were met by engaging personnel who share the same passion as their darling owner in providing absolutely delicious quality food.  I had the Lockwood sandwich, “fantastic” and Brad had the beet salad.  Brad, a former restauranteur  gushed over the salad.  “The best he has ever had”.  We both had a signature sparkling drink with fresh pureed pear, so yummy!   I only share with you what is truly fantastic.  Lockwood table is all that… xoxo                             {deli case at Lockwood Table}

{Menu items at Lockwood Table}

{amazing homemade salads and goodies}

{outdoor garden at Lockwood Table}

{beautiful grown lettuce}

{sparkling pear puree}

{beat salad}

{Lockwood Table Cafe outdoor dining}

{Lockwood Table location, tucked away, don’t miss it}

xoxo, Julie

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