where to go, rimel’s bar and grill

Rimel's Bar and Grill, Del Mar Highlands
{Rimel's Bar and Grill, Del Mar Highlands}

Friday night!  Just have to let go and get out with my man.  The new location of Rimel’s opened in Del Mar Highlands recently and we just can’t seem to get enough of their amazing fresh food and fun vibe.   We loved the Cardiff location and made it a normal stop for years, but there is something really special to be found at this location.  The atmosphere is electric with activity.  It makes it fun to walk into.  The truth is Brad and I like to spend time with each other, but we both feed on energy surrounding us,  so the eclectic crowd pumps up our fun factor.   We belly up to the exhibition kitchen and of course order margarita’s “Brads way” first, then proceed to the off the charts dumplings “a must have” and then the fresh catch of the day bowl.   The picture is dark from my i-phone, but you can still make out the amazing fresh color and perfectly cooked fish.   Put this on your San Diego where to go map when you’re here.  If it’s Friday, look for the chick with the camera “me”. xoxo

Rimel's dumplings
{Rimel's extremely fresh catch of the day}
{Rimel's Bar and Grill Del Mar Highlands}

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